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Counselling and coordination of activities follows research work in a sense of eclectic introducing of new findings into the established doctrines and recommendations.
Practical work of combating the social diseases has its base in future orientations, strong present awareness and also dealing with past, no more than it’s inevitable.

Gnothi seauton (Know thyself) psychotherapy is based on search of one’s own path.

Special attention is paid towards addiction syndromes and dependences in the broadest sense, including chemical or non-chemical, legal or illegal ones...



Hypnosis is a technique through which change of consciousness is attained. It is a state of calmness, increased attention/focus and greater concentration ability. It results in harmonized activity of left and right brain sides, wherein reason and imagination support each other. It is not sleeping, and the belief that the person is completely under the influence of hypnotist, is incorrect. The consciousness is preserved, but the ability of recognizing subconsciousness content is improved. Thus, recognition and correction of inner conflicts, fears, prejudices, harmful behavioral patterns and different types of addictions, is eased.

It all results in relaxation and better mood, as well as in, consequentially, increased work efficiency, creative inspiration, improvement of mutual relationships and will to live.

Through soothing of immune system and decreasing of oxidative damages, increased psychophysical endurance and stress resistance have positive influence on preserving health, as well as on slowing down physical ageing and mental burnout. Also, the possibility of recovery in case of illness is increased.

Extended impact on one's feeling, that has a long-lasting effect thanks to posthypnotic suggestions, is an important characteristic of hypnosis.

If the process is carried out in all, through permanent changes of life habits, i.e. modus vivendi, it has unlimited effects.